Strategies to plan for an estate is an ongoing process. You must not only develop and implement a plan that reflects your current financial and family situation; you must also constantly review your current plan to ensure it fits and changes in your circumstances.

Contact STONESTREET ASSOCIATES, LLC, to develop or update the strategies required to help achieve your goals for your estate and wealth transfer.

Involving both personal and business strategies, we will work with you to help determine your financial objectives for your estate and transferring your wealth to family, friends or favored charities.

Fundamental Questions about Estate Strategies

  • Who should inherit your assets?
  • Which assets should your survivors inherit?
  • When and how should they inherit the assets?

We begin by evaluating your existing financial profile and the level of current performance, before establishing your future goals and strategies to pursue them. We focus on helping you build a lasting financial legacy for your heirs and implementing trusts to allow your assets to be distributed properly to family and charitable organizations.